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This Time Next Year 
Be Do and Have what you want  

This Time Next Year 1 Year Course

Starting in March

Pre-work and modules available March 21st

Quantum Coherence Healers

Coherence Healing Sessions

 Zoom link and Resources

Elevated Emotions &
Daily Mindset Hacks

Keep up the momentum of your meditation the 23hrs that you are not meditating

UK Retreats

UK Based online and in person retreats and Meditation Marathons

Therapy Sessions
Meditation Groups

Joe Dispenza

The Quantum Being Meditation Groups:

5am Meetings

Evening Meetings

 Zoom link and Resources

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

Weekly Book Club

Intuitive Readings Hands on Healing

Release old beliefs and patterns with healing and intuitive readings online at your convenience 

The NED Club

Meditation & Mindset Group for the ones who know there is another way!

Coming Soon - Contact if interested

Therapy Sessions
Fireside Chats

Informal Chats - and I mean super informal - with amazing people who are living their lives with grace

 Thursday 8pm UK Timezone


Arjun Dave - Get the scientific mindset hacks with Arjun

The Fit Club

Telegram club for those of you wanting to change your body with your mind. Minimal yearly cost 

Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation Classes

Coming Soon - Sept 2023!

Woohoo can't wait

Therapy Sessions

Hi Mona,


I just want to say thank you for helping me to bring lightness (in every sense of the word) to my fear of darkness. This has impacted me for as long as I can remember, wherever I have been in the world and every stage of life. I no longer fear being in the house on my own at night and can focus that energy on more positive aspects. You made me feel safe when dealing with something that makes me vulnerable and I thank you for this. You guided me through the process in a calm, focused and knowledgeable way and I am glad you did!

JD London 

About Me!

What do you want to know about me...

Testimonials and Feedback

What are people saying about what I do and offer. Feedback from 1-1 healing clients, intuitive reading clients and participants in the various groups I run. 

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