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Quantum Being Coherence Healings

We do things a bit differently here..

Please join us each Sunday after a weekly meditation for a healing session with 3-4 healees. 

We are not authorised - which means that we have not done 6months of healing 3 times a week -  that is the only difference. 

We are all advanced meditators, giving from the heart and with the purest of intentions for a healing. 


At my first event I was a healee and was overcome with the love that all the 2500 healers showered the healees. It was truly so love filled a hall. Clapping us out with many healers with tears running down their faces - I felt blessed.

In Cancun I was a healer and I felt the other side, giving love, it was a different feeling of going deep within to give LIFE TO LIFE -  I was desperate to give back and whilst it has taken a while we are now healing after our Sunday meditation - with 30+ healers for 3-4 healees. 

Do join us you will not regret it. Please honour Dr Joe guidelines and only join if you have done a weeklong.

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