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This Time Next Year

What an amazing journey I have been on since April 2021

During the depths of darkness, I heard a voice loud and clear tell me that I have a choice and the options I was looking at, does not need to be my path or destiny. 

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was ranting and raving and taking out considerable frustration on my husband and brothers in the midst of it a calm understanding came over me!

This is not your destiny!

And from that moment I knew I had to take action, do something to change my experience in the world.


My Story


In April 2021 I was in the midst a dark night of the soul that lasted many months

But what an amazing journey I have been on since that day.

During the depths of darkness, I heard a voice loud and clear tell me that I have a choice and the options I was looking at, did not need to be my path or destiny. 

I remember it like it was yesterday, a health condition left me ranting and raving and taking out considerable frustration on my husband and brothers in the midst of it a calm understanding came over me!  I was literally f’ing and blinding, crying, ranting and raving - not a good look!

- This is not your destiny - I heard - And from that moment I knew I had to take action, do something to change my experience in the world. 


I knew I would be shown the way, it would not be easy, it would be hard and a rough road but I knew I would be ok. I knew that this time next year, (which will be about May/June 2023 time for me) my life would be very different. I would be happier and healthier and striving to meet my desires with gusto. Have I wavered since, absolutely and still have ups and downs but the downs are not as deep or long. Everything has changed subtly enough for me to feel that I am in a different place than a mere few months ago. Do I want more? Absolutely and that is why I do the work and will be ramping it up in 2023.

Back to my story, sorry. You know I ramble….

After this blow-up with my siblings and hubby, I had booked a holiday with my mum, her 3 sisters and my 2 cousins. It was the best. We had never been away together before and neither had our mums. Life changing deepening connections made and some divinely guided conversations took place. 














As we swam in the cool Spanish pool, my cousin looked into the distance and said with a great determination, This Time Next Year my life is going to be completely different. She had recently suffered the loss of a loved one and was single again unexpectedly.  She explained to me that this is not the first time she had made such a decision. In fact she had done it a few times before and the results were always in her favour. We shared stories of how we had used similar feelings of determination and will to create massive changes in our lives, multiple times. 

At that moment I knew the voice I had heard had been my THIS TIME NEXT YEAR calling. But I had not taken big action on it until many months later, and this conversation in the pool enabled me to realise that I had had my this time next year moment in about early 2022.

In Sanskrit this state of mind is called a Sankalp, and you will all have experienced it at some point in your lives. Dr J talks about it often when he says that, you remember where you were what you were doing, wearing, the exact moment at which you made the decision to go all in….In to whatever you want to go into, finding love, changing career, meditating more, loving the divine or any other infinite number of things you can get into completely. It is the elevated emotion + determined will + deep desire to change that will create this switch in your life and results. 

So part of my lifelong desire has been to serve soul aligned clients to be the best versions of themselves. I have studied and learned so many modalities it is a joke.

  • Reiki many different teachings and lineages 

  • Marissa Peer Rapid Transformation certification

  • Happy for no Reason certification 

  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass

  • Spiritual money courses several

  • LOA courses

  • NLP

  • Bob Proctors Thinking into results

  • Egyptian Cartouch Initiation

  • Homeopathy - 4 year course

  • HeartMath consultant


And a lot more that I can’t even remember over the last 30 years. Some I did the work but not the final test but I have done the work. 


I have easily spent over £150K in personal development over the last 30 years. Maybe more - but don’t tell anyone! I always held off putting myself out there with the usual I am not good enough, thin, pretty, blonde, experienced and whatever comes to mind, add any negative adjective you can find! 


Been there done that!


Having that ‘This Time Next Year’ moment set me on another deep dive spiritually for myself, after years of being a mum and going to work and repeating this cycle. I took 7 days out of my life and was welcomed into the monastery. What a breath of fresh air, what an amazing gift to myself. Did I have mind-blowing experiences, no, meet blue beings no, getting healed or rich or famous no!


What did happen is that I started to listen to my gut and tell people that I can help them, I listened to the silence within and set up a group to meditate with daily as I knew I would not do it alone.


I listened as my soul called me to Cancun and knew before I went that 2023 will be a spectacular year for me and anyone who comes into my field as I am listening to soul. I am dialling into Source every day multiple times a day and allowing my soul to express itself. It may mean that it is not all love and light, I can be harsh but now it does not bother me. 


The fear of not being accepted by humans does not worry as much as the fear of not being accepted by Source. 


And so I say it how it is. If it doesn’t feel right I don’t do it. If it feels right it has to be done. This one attitude change has been so freeing, I can see myself moving right into the world I am creating for myself. 


And I invite you to join me.



This is not a meditation container, what we do each morning remains available. (For those of you have been on a Dr Joe weeklong) This work is about what you do the 23hrs you are not meditating. 


For the next year, you will do all the below and most likely more as I grow and develop with you.


Month One: 

  • Learn the 11 reasons why you are not going all in!

  • Learn the 5 changes you can make to go all in.

Month Two:

  • Redefine your relationship with God, and if that word triggers you, you definately need this!

  • Redefine your relationship with your parents or primary care givers, ditto above re: triggers!

Month Three:

  • Understand how to take a Sankalp - firm decision for an area of your life you want to change

  • Craft your This Time Next Year experience


Month Four: 

  • Create a morning routine that works for you

  • Create a nighttime routine that works for you

  • Inner child parts work. 

Month Five: 

  • Self talk script creation

  • Intuitive Reading for the group

  • Energy Training - Chakras and Nadi's

Month Six: 

  • 21 day heart opening activation


Month Seven: 

  • Embodying Positive Emotions 1

Month Eight: 

  • 22 day pineal gland activation (tbc)

Month Nine: 

  • Embodying emotions Masterclasses - Elevated emotions, healing frequencies, Love - romantic and platonic, Surrender - job is done/superimposing, Letting go, trigger less in the situation or with the person. 

Month Ten: 

  • Declutter group adventure

Month Eleven: 

  • Vedic Meditation classes - Including present moment awareness, calm focus, energise and transcendence - 4 different types of meditation

Month Twelve: 

  • Close, revisiting what we have learnt, In person celebratory weekend   Woohoo Bring on 2024 Additional costs will apply

In addition may add the following:

  • Mini book clubs - we listen to some short classics together 

  • Possibly adding Pranayama and Yoga Nidra classes as I up level I will up level what I offer. 




All participants will get a 1hr energy, intuitive healing session with me and then 15min top up each month.


All participants will get a 30mins session with an NLP Master to map out your what your life will be life this time next year and get a blueprint of what is possible. You will also have your 1st session free normal cost can be anything from £50-£150 per session. If you choose to carry on you get 15% off packages.


All participants will get a 1hr energy, intuitive healing session with me and then 20min top up each month.


Access via private telegram group


Additional bonuses maybe added as we move through the year and magical people are drawn to provide service for you as a collective.

Possible in person celebratory retreat - extra charge for this toward the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024


Join before 14th Feb at £499 for the year SOLD

After 14th Feb - March 21st£799 for the year

£1,111 thereafter less than a cup of coffee a day

Yes, Mona I am in!



What is this Container?

This a 1 year sacred space where you will be supported by zoom meetings, 1-1 intuitive healing with me, audio lessons, NLP life planning blueprint session, video sessions and journalling ideas along with whatever magic comes up for the group as we move through the year. 

You will have a community that holds you accountable and in turn enables radical responsibility for all that you have created so far in your life and all that you will create in this year. 

No judgement or shame but if you are going to ask for me for the zoom….!

I will lovingly give you a kick up nudge in the right direction…


The best way to create happiness is to take repeatable, easy actionable steps on a consistent basis. Unfortunately we are not taught these in school or by our families. In fact the opposite is done in order to manage feelings. We add more chaos and 'stuff' to try and feel good, but end up worse, sometimes much much worse.


If you don't feel good, if you watch others manage their lives happily, if you are on the self-development course taking circuit and are still not getting results then this course may be for you.

Do you wonder what is wrong with you? Why do you loose your temper at the drop of a hat? Maybe you get irritated by your children or significant other? Do you lack energy and motivation? 


Do you wake up thinking OMG I have to drag my body through the same shhizz again and again and again ad infinitum?


Are you living the life of your dreams or your nightmares? When you go out are your pumped or pushing yourself to make an effort? 

Would you rather sit at home alone than get a hobby or activity that engages that child-like part of your soul?


Is social anxiety a normal feeling for you? Never quite part of the group, just put yourself out there enough to be included but not quite the life and soul. In fact you may even be the life and soul of the party but inside, in the deepest part of you crickets...


Don't worry I have been there done that. Can't say I was depressed cos I was not, I was just not overly happy either. Always thinking the grass is greener, I am not doing enough, not far enough up the work ladder, not pretty enough, slim enough, funny enough...Nah I am funny! BUT you get the idea.


Your internal monkey mind just drones on and on about this that and the other and whilst it is running 100 miles per hour. You are stood absolutely still. Not moved in what seems like ages...

Have you lost your mojo!




You know in your heart, in your soul, in the deepest part of you that there is more, more for you, more for your loved ones, just more of everything! You want to live a different life, a full life, a life of freedom.


You are willing to put in the hours, stop the social media scrolling and sharing of inane distracting nonsense. 


You want to connect with a like minded community who you know ‘gets’ you.


You are tired of searching and are up for finding!


You have experienced some joy and know more, much more is possible.


You are ready to take radical responsibility for what you have created and what you want to create


You are excited to join to create A Life of Limitless Freedom

Not Tomorrow Not Next Week But NOW 



Who is this not for?

Anyone who is going to ask me where the zoom link is, when it has been shared multiple times. 

Anyone who needs to know what session we are having when, or complaining when I cancel a class cos I am following Soul. We are going into the unknown

Anyone who just loves to take courses but might not implement anything. 

Anyone who wants to share 100 different things from a 100 different groups, teachers and friends they follow.

Anyone who is going to ask for a refund because it is too much work.

Anyone who wants science and proof, I am just little old me and we are going way past that to complete soul alignment, that will be shaped by YOU for YOU

Anyone who has an in issue with the prices or paying, happy to do price plan dm me but it is what it is.


Who is this for?

Anyone who has had enough of what they have created for themselves so far and are willing to jump into the unknown and create a fresh, new life. 

Anyone who will go with the flow and if I change a module at the last minute you can go with it. 

Anyone who is loving the idea of diving into the unknown.

Anyone who loves the idea that they can start from scratch and create an amazing life for themselves and their families.

Anyone excited by what you are reading here

Anyone who wants to fall in love with the Divine and as a by product create a decent life…

Anyone who is already planning to take some days off when we celebrate the results of this time next year in next year


I Promise

That I have only good intentions and wishes for all who join, I will do my best to enable you to look back at 2023 and really see the change in you. But I don’t know you or what you are capable of, or how much effort you will put in the work, so I can’t guarantee any results. I will not offer refunds as this is soul led work, be sure that you want to join. If it is not a heck YES, this might not be for you and that is fine.  There are plenty of other resources out there if this is not for you. And I won’t be offended if you do not take up this offer. I will add modules and teachings as we go, and drop the ones not working. I bring 30 years of learning, 50 years of love and 1000’s of years of the desire to be of service to YOU.


I promise to show up as the best version of myself for you and that will include bumps and knocks, technical issues and teaching fails - as that is life and I am being as real as I can be. 

I promise that in this first year as I am learning you will be the cohort that gets the best, as I will be adding modules for free as they arise.

A lot of you have spent some time with me online and some of you, I have had the privilege of meeting in person. You would have also met the NPL Coach who will be supporting you Arjun at the NCS event. If not no worries we will have a fireside chat. 

Yes, Mona I am in!


Testimonials for intuitive readings/healings I have done.


Plus you already have some experience of me in the groups. 


Hi Mona! Thank you for the reading!! I’ve taken your advice of picturing myself getting the job and that’s helped my confidence a lot. I’ve gotten a few more auditions in the past few weeks 😄 the “showing the real me” part didn’t resonate at first but I realise that I often do or say things just to make others comfortable which isn’t really speaking from my true self.

And Later:

Hi Mona! Thank you for reaching out! Things have gotten better. I have a wonderful man in my life, and have changed my views on auditions thanks to what you said, and what I’m worthy for. I’m still acting and working, and producing work with a company my friend started. I hope you’re doing well too!


Wow... Mona, this is a tremendous gift. The numbness that you speak of is very clear: my lifelong acceptance of other peoples truths as my own. I have been numb for most of my life to what I desire. NO MORE. Your reading is helping me to understand that I need to be gentle with myself and allow the old energy to work its way out of my body. Only then can I move forward. Your healing is definitely a reminder to be intentional in this process, something I regularly forget. I give you my deepest thanks for this precious gift.


Hi Mona, thank you very much. Kept this for reading at night and no it doesn’t seem crazy at all. I’ve done my slow yoga practice and so I’m in a good space to absorb. This touched my heart and I’m grateful for this reading regardless of what the future beholds. I’ve never been so vocal about this as I am right now but I’m allowing myself to express my thoughts. Thank you very much. I’ve already started listening to your advice when I’m in doubt at work and it’s helped - I take a quiet moment to check for guidance within whenever I find myself confused or risk-averse.

Bless you! You’ve got a gift.

Went through your reading twice. Yes, I can definitely connect to this💜 In the process, you might have also healed some of the other issues like I’d mentioned first - the dream brought some sort of a closure and I haven’t been getting bothered by any of it.


Hi Mona, Thank you so much. You were uncannily on target and have given me a lot to think about and meditate on. I have been on quite a healing journey and you were right to prod me about recording it. I have had many readings over the years and yours is tops.. You are very gifted. I will definitely be returning for more.


Dear Mona, thank you again for the group reading which resonated for me on so many levels. Yes to my soul calling me, yes to making a decision to have exactly what I want now, (without guilt or incredulity), yes to a new found determination and a change in the way I am seen by those around me. And a big fat yes to taking action not from fear but from curiosity and fun and joy and faith. Faith that I will be told and will hear what each next baby step is, that is all I need to know.

I will keep re-reading your inspired message, as I know it will continue to give me messages and different layers to unravel.

Thank you again for your kindness, your depth, your deep offering that touches all that have read it. I am humbled by your generosity and your wisdom.


Hi Mona. I was stunned at this. These specifics resonated deeply. To the point of tears and feeling like you were explaining my issues in a way I have been longing to see them mapped out. I don’t struggle with the “am I good enough” in the talent department. What I do deeply struggle with is how you described my issues with fear and the constantly doing the work, keeping the faith, but feeling like I’m hitting brick walls over and over. And I haven’t had a theater job steadily since joining the actors union, which took 20 years of work to do. This all resonates but  I highlighted things that stuck out and hit home like an explosion. I feel almost lighter and lately I’ve been saying “I think I’ve learned how to be ok in my storm. But I think it’s calming”



I did not even do any energy clearings for the people above.


Energy Clearing Results:


Hi Mona,

I just want to say thank you for helping me to bring lightness (in every sense of the word) to my fear of darkness. This has impacted me for as long as I can remember, wherever I have been in the world and every stage of life. I no longer fear being in the house on my own at night and can focus that energy on more positive aspects. You made me feel safe when dealing with something that makes me vulnerable and I thank you for this. You guided me through the process in a calm, focused and knowledgeable way and I am glad you did!



Hi Mona,

I have stage 4 cancer, You did some energy work to shift the fear around dr appt and scanning. Anyone who is going through this illness knows that the fear is real. I feel much better about my next set of scans, in Sept 2022. I will update you when it happens. I have already had some preliminary discussions and next steps that feel like I am coming to the end of this journey. Having a rare type and with no treatment I am doing very well. I am starting to believe that this disease does not control me, I control it. Thank you 


Update: Scans stable no improvement but not worse Dr's have said I could live out my life this this type of cancer and stop scanning after 8 years of stability, so I’m feeling relief. This was not shared with me for the first 2 years I had the disease!


Mona did an energy clearing for me, it only took about 15mins and we worked on my life long fear and discomfort of being alone. Within minutes I could no longer tune into that part of me that had always been in the background running the way I felt about needing to be in a relationship. All of a sudden I no longer felt the need to be part of a couple, relationships not meant for me dropped away and it felt good. I feel a strength in being with myself that I am not sure I have ever felt before.




These energy clearing results occurred after a 10-15min sessions . I spend 1hr in the energy clearing sessions and you get readings or whatever downloads for you included, so imagine if we shifted a lifelong fear of the dark in 10mins what can we shift in 1 hour plus monthly check ins. 


I am so excited for you…


If you know you want to propel your life and energy forward…


If you know that something needs to shift but you are not sure what…


If you know that here and now is the time…


If you know that being in a community of like minded people is priceless…


If you know that THIS TIME NEXT YEAR you want to be in a completely different. mental, emotional, spiritual and physical space then this container is the place for you.


I invite your Divine Soul to this fantastic journey

I can't wait to see you

Join before 14th Feb at £499 for the year SOLD

After 14th Feb - March 21st£799 for the year

£1,111 thereafter less than a cup of coffee a day

Heck Yes, Mona I am in!

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