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This Time Next Year


What to expect

1 year sacred container to provide you with the tools to manage your mind and emotions, so that you can create and actively influence your present and future. We will work through some core beliefs that do not benefit us and learn to surrender and let go so that you are able to express your divinity effortlessly. We will create positive habits that effortlessly fit around you and your lifestyle and give you positive results.  


You will define a goal early on in the year and take action steps and change your mindset and self talk so that you can effortlessly achieve your goals. After this year you will have the tools to easily rinse and repeat the process for any goals or challenges you have.


Are you ready?


How the training will be delivered: 


All trainings will be delivered through a membership site:

Bimonthly 90min Zoom - recorded if you can’t make it live

Audio and pre-recorded video trainings

Journalling prompts 

Private Telegram or Whatsapp group for daily support

Intuitive reading for the group energy

1-1 energy clearing session with me 1hr in month 1 + 20mins monthly thereafter

NLP sessions x 2 to set you up for super success 

Buddying up so you can support each other between calls 

Responsive training - I will add and change trainings as we move through the year based on the energy the group is reflecting.


Month on month we will build our awareness about our personal triggers and learn how to deal with them in the moment so that looking back on the year you can say hand on heart that there have been major changes on how and what you are creating in your lives. By the end of the year a deep connection to your higher self that allows you to truly create a magical life. The below is subject to change as the group decides


Month 1 - What is stopping you from going all in and how to overcome these beliefs.

Month 2 - Redefining key relationships with God, Parents or primary caregivers, Self

Month 3 - Sankalp and This Time Next Year blueprint

Month 4 - Daily routines that work for you, Inner child healing

Month 5 - Self talk script creations, Energy training

Month 6 - Heart opening activation 22 days

Month 7 - Embodying positive emotions 1

Month 8 - Pineal gland activations 21 days

Month 9 - Embodying positive emotions 2

Month 10 - Decluttering adventures

Month 11 - Vedic meditation taster classes

Month 12 - Close, revisiting what we have learnt, in person retreat event (addition costs will be incurred)


Don’t forget you will have energy clearing sessions with me and NLP sessions with Arjun - details to follow once you have signed up.


Book before Valentines Day to get an early bird price. Treat yourself to the support of an amazing community and make this year be one of true limitless freedom, not tomorrow or next week but right now choose to back yourself. xx


Early Bird Pricing

£799 before Mar 1st 2023 (payment plan £350 upfront £45 for next 11 months - £845 total)

£1111 thereafter (payment plan £550 upfront £55 next 11 months - £1155 total)

Text me for payment plan.

For more detailed information click here

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