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Meditation Group

If you have done a week long event with Dr Joe Dispenza, I would love for you to join us in daily meditation at 5am UK time. 

Please ensure that you can prove that you have done a week long, via your Dr Joe website event confirmation. 

Once you join please introduce yourselves, where you are from, you might find friends nearby! Let us know when and where you did your weeklong. 

Alternatively you can join the new telegram group where old messages are viewable.  

We are currently redoing BOTEC series starting 23rd Jan 2023

BOTEC series from 1 through to 10 for 3 days a week.

Topical Meditations 2 days a week

4hr Pineal Gland 4am start on Saturday

Coherence Healing on Sundays

5am UK Time 

6am CET

Midnight EST

9pm PST

4pm Sydney

You can use this if you can't find your time zone here 





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