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Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing Sessions with me, I have been trained in many Reiki lineages and healing modalities over the years and have developed a way to feel and remove blocks and restrictions in your energy.  In fact I have been learning for the last 30 years. 

I would love a chance to work with you and pull away the strands that keep you stuck in your current paradigm. I tune into your energy and can feel what is blocking you, together we will tune into the sensation of the blocks and remove them safely without ever. having to revisit old stories or traumas. 

Here are some testimonials of energy clearings I have done:

Hi Mona,


I just want to say thank you for helping me to bring lightness (in every sense of the word) to my fear of darkness. This has impacted me for as long as I can remember, wherever I have been in the world and every stage of life. I no longer fear being in the house on my own at night and can focus that energy on more positive aspects. You made me feel safe when dealing with something that makes me vulnerable and I thank you for this. You guided me through the process in a calm, focused and knowledgeable way and I am glad you did!


Hi Mona,


I have stage 4 cancer, You did some energy work to shift the fear around dr appt and scanning. Anyone who is going through this illness knows that the fear is real. I feel much better about my next set of scans, in Sept 2022. I will update you when it happens. I have already had some preliminary discussions and next steps that feel like I am coming to the end of this journey. Having a rare type and with no treatment I am doing very well. I am starting to believe that this disease does not control me, I control it. Thank you


Mona did an energy clearing for me, it only took about 15mins and we worked on my life long fear and discomfort of being alone. Within minutes I could no longer tune into that part of me that had always been in the background running the way I felt about needing to be in a relationship. All of a sudden I no longer felt the need to be part of a couple, relationships not meant for me dropped away and it felt good. I feel a strength in being with myself that I am not sure I have ever felt before.



These energy clearing results occurred after a 10-15min sessions . I spend 2hrs in the energy clearing sessions and you get readings or whatever downloads for you included, so imagine if we shifted a lifelong fear of the dark in 10mins what can we shift in 2 hours. 

Cost £100 for 1 hr or £150 for 2hrs email me when you have made a decision which session you want so we can book a slot. 

If we get to 1hr 25 and you are done, you can save your time for another block or trigger to clear. 

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