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Worthiness is an inside job!

Do you feel worthy or deserving in general?

What do we tend to do as individuals when anything happens in life?

We take it upon ourselves to pass judgement about how an external event or situation reflects upon us.

Situation X means that we are wrong, right, good, bad, sad, happy, intelligent, dumb, worth or not worthy. For some reason we always internalise everything that happens outside of us. But we do not look within and ask the important questions that keep us grounded and tapped into our higher consciousness.

We have missed the class that teaches us 'All is Well'

We have by-passed the knowing that the Divine has our backs, that there is some higher guidance that will always get us back on track, that we can feel good about ourselves even in the worst of scenarios. And maybe herein lies the difference between those who create a dream life and those who don't. Can we trust that we are worthy of receiving all that we desire, or do we struggle with believing what is possible for us?

Can you spend some time diving into your sense of worthiness, your ability to create and connect with Source for your highest purposes? What would it feel like to be on top of the world, would it change your outcomes? Can you feel better about YOU a little bit every day?

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